Lizard Class (5 Days/Week):  4-Year-Olds | Kindergarten-Readiness Program

  • Monday through Friday, 9:15 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Class Size:  16 students
  • Teachers:  Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Warner

Lizard Class Objectives:

The Lizard curriculum, much like the Caterpillar's, is play based and geared toward kindergarten readiness. However, they meet daily.

  • Reading Readiness Skills- (identifying letters and the sounds they make, writing ones name properly; the first letter of their name being uppercase and the remainder of their name lower case letters.)
  • Behavioral & Social Skills- ( learning words for sharing and taking turns, standing in line and waiting patiently, sitting still and listening to story time as well as following directions.)
  • Self Help- (Independence; putting their coats and snow gear on with little help from others, having snack with peers, using the bathroom and washing hands inside and outside of the home.) 

Caterpillar Class (3 Days/Week):  4-Year-Olds | Kindergarten-Readiness Program

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
  • Class Size:  16 students
  • Teachers:  Mrs. Puffer, Mrs. Dougherty

Caterpillar Class Objectives:
Caterpillar's follow a play-based curriculum, geared toward kindergarten readiness.
  • Reading Readiness Skills- (concept of letters, recognizing letter sounds, rhyming and writing one's own name.)
  • Math Skills- (count 1-10, size, order, shapes and colors.)
  • Self Help Skills- (using the bathroom, getting dressed to go outside and talking to peers.)
  • Social and Emotional Skills- (separating from parents, interacting with other kids, and listening skills.)
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Honey Bee Class (2 Days/Week):  3-Year-Olds | Preschool Program

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  • Class size:  12 students
  • Teachers:  Mrs. Puffer, Mrs. Dougherty

Honey Bee Objectives
A honey bee curriculum is play based allowing the children to learn skills in a structured environment by play and then turning them into learning moments.
  • Behavioral & Social Skills- (sharing, circle time, personal space, self care, classroom routines and listening to directions.)
  • Name Recognition/Pre-Writing Skills- (fine motor exercises.)
  • Pre-Math Skills- (numbers, shapes, and the concept of big and small.)
  • Social and Emotional Development- (using words to describe our feelings and apologizing.)

After-School Enrichment Program: Kindergarten through Fourth Grade

  • Monday through Friday, dismissal to 5:30 p.m.
  • Class size:  6 students
  • Enrichment activities in science, art and nature
  • Homework help and outside play
  • Students are walked from Burton Street at dismissal to CCP by the teacher





Tuition rates are determined annually by the Board of Directors. Tuition may be paid by check or online. Please, no cash payments.

Tuition for the academic year may be paid on your choice of three schedules:

  1. Monthly (10 installments):  Monthly tuition payments are due by the 15th day of the prior month (i.e. December's tuition is due by November 15th) with exception to September's tuition which is due by July 15th. Monthly tuition payments received after the 15th of the month will incur a $5 late fee (please add this when fulfilling your tuition payment)
  2. Semi-Annually (2 half payments):  Semi-annual tuition payments are due by July 15th and January 15th
  3. Annually (1 full payment):  Annual tuition payments are due by July 15th

Checks (payable to Cazenovia Community Preschool) may be left in the tuition basket during drop off, or mailed to:

Cazenovia Community Preschool

Attn:  Director / Tuition

P.O. Box 25

Cazenovia, NY 13035

Online tuition payments will be charged a convenience fee, included in the amounts below:

Class / Tuition
Student Name


Additional Programs and Camps

No additional programs or camps are being offered at CCP at this time. Please check back occasionally for updates, thank you for your interest!