Mission and Philosophy

At the heart of Cazenovia Community Preschool (CCP), our mission is to provide a well-rounded and nurturing learning experience for children of Cazenovia and surrounding areas, regardless of income or ability, with the goal of supporting the full development of each child's potential. The programs' curriculum emphasize language, cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative development.

We believe that children should be treated as individuals and as important members of their classroom community. We recognize that children are unique and learn at different rates and in different ways. We strive to provide an atmosphere that enhances individual development while being nurturing, supportive and creative.

CCP creates a learning environment that
  • Provides a well-rounded curriculum encompassing art, language, math, music and science
  • Encourages daily child-centered play opportunities that foster hands-on exploration and creativity
  • Structures learning activities that are teacher directed such as circle time, singing, counting and daily projects
  • Exposes children to quality literature, artistic expression, diversity and cultural awareness

CCP strives to teach its students
  • Respect for others and a sense of caring
  • Social skills such as sharing, taking turns, using words, cooperative play, self-discipline and self-regulation

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Kindergarten-readiness skills

  • Academic skills that promote reading, writing and math

  • Basic life skills that foster independence, resulting in confidence and positive self-esteem

CCP welcomes
  • Parent involvement and offers parent support
  • Community connections (i.e. trips to visit, and classroom visits from, local community members)